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Edward is the author and self publisher of a popular series of children's books about Big head The Pirate Cat which are also available in audio format.

"The inspiration for these books comes from a large feral tabby cat that lived on the cliffs at Land's End. He befriended me several years ago and would sit on my work bench to be my companion each day. A gentle giant; he loved the acclaim my books have given him. Many people would drop in to see him and say Hello."


Children and adults alike find the books enchanting. Teachers have taken the books and CD's into schools and used it as a project for the term; children's imaginations are captured and channeled into their own creativity.

"I have illustrated the books myself, children seem to relate to the style that I have used."

Big Head has received photographs, letters and art works from local schools and as far away as Arizona.

Big Head now has his very own website where you can find out more about him and the books and CD's and dowload as MP3's that tell of his amazing adventures.

The stories on the CD's are read by Edward himself with sound affects that range from the roar of dragons, the sound of pirates in battle and Cornish bag pipes. There is even a song on the end of Big Head the Pirate Cat and the Sea Dragon which children can learn.

You can visit Big Head's brand new website at

There is also a special section setup for schools which gives access to the Big Head stories and special material for teaching.