my work


"I have been a crafts person since the 1980's. I was originally based and trading in the Barbican Craft Centre in Penzance. I was working with wood creating decorative mirrors and items of jewellery. The opportunity arose for me to train with Keith Scofield in the skill of working with silver. I have followed this path of design and creativity to the present day.

I am mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Jewellery Making Techniques by Jinks McGrath, published by Quarto Publishing plc.

I am inspired by cultures from all over the world. At times I use mixed media to create individual and unique items: precious metals, wood such as ebony and semi precious stones.

For the customer who wishes for a souvenir of their visit to Cornwall I will make whilst you wait; a made to measure ring. There are several simple designs you can select from. You will be able to witness the whole process from raw material to the finished article"

Click on the above picture to see more pictures of the ring being made.



At work in his Land's End Studio at Greeb Farm
Studio interior
Outside the studio with Big Head the Pirate Cat

You can see a video of Eddie at work filmed by a visitor to the studio